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Biome Project

The Bear

Abiotic Factors
Relationships among the wildlife
Ecological Problem

The two types of bears found in the temperate woodlands are the Grizzly Bear and the Black Bear.




-Also known as the brown bear

-large head, short tail, and small rounded ears

-heavy, shaggy fur

-fur may be black, cinnamon, auburn, or blond

-grizzley bear is larger than the black bear

-very strong legs

-found in North America and Eurasia in mountain forests, open meddows, and river valleys

-depends on the concentration of food sources in their territory

-eat almost anything

-diet consists of berries, herbs, roots, nuts, flowers, grasses, other vegetation, fish, insects, honey, small mammals, and remains of animals

-before hibernation, it can gain up to 30lbs in one week

BLACK BEAR(bottom picture):

- fur is black, occasionally brown, beige, or in an extremely rare instance, white

-heavy body

-short tail

-rounded ears

-soft, shaggy fur

-excellent climbers

-hind legs are longer than front, making going uphill easier than going downhill

-can kill an adult deer with a single blow

-have excellent hearing, and an incredible sense of smell

-don't live in groups, solitary by nature

-spread all over north america

-hibernates for four to seven months of the year

-before hibernation, it goes into a period of practically non-stop eating; during this period it can gain up to thirty pounds a day

-primarily a vegitarian

-eats grass, berries, mushrooms, acorns, and fish

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